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When muscles are stressed, they prevent the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body, which leads to inflammation that builds up in the muscle. Customised Massage Therapy can help to ease pain, improve mobility and reduce stress and tension.


Perfect Pressure Massage – 60min $110/ 90min $160
Allow your muscles to stretch and relax with pressure that suits you each and every treatment, whilst Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil in problem areas will help to increase circulation to remove toxins into the lymphatic system.

Pregnancy Massage – 60min $110/ 90min $160
Using a specially designed massage cushion, to support your growing belly, a mother-to-be can lay safely on her stomach to comfortably receive a customised massage, helping to ease pain, improve mobility and reduce stress and tension during your pregnancy. Pregnancy massage aims to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good.

Ka Huna Bodywork – 60min $125/ 90min $175
Experience a transformative form of Massage, using Polynesian energy points of the body. This flowing, dance-like bodywork specialises in the unique energetic connection between client and practitioner and can leave you feeling like new. Your therapist provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in it’s physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Hawaiian Pregnancy Massage – 60min $125/ 90min $175
A deeply nurturing experience for bonding mother and child. Combining the gentle wave-like flow of Hawaiian style massage and loving heart-womb connection. Offered on a massage table especially designed for pregnant women, you will be safely able to lay face down and on your sides during your treatment.

Polynesian Floor Massage – 60mins $99
This wonderfully relaxing, fully clothed bodywork integrates stress release, bone and joint massage and structural realignment. All ages, body sizes and shapes (excludes pregnancy)


I had the most lovely Kahuna Massage with Leah today! …Totally enjoyed the experience and Leah was so friendly and welcoming.

Lou F