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Massage Therapy

When muscles are stressed, they prevent the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body, which leads to inflammation that builds up in the muscle. Customised Massage Therapy can help to ease pain, improve mobility and reduce stress and tension.


Body Treatments

Inspired by global ritual processes and the highest quality active ingredients for the skin. Body Treatments using pure plant extracts ensure a therapeutic result for many skin conditions, whilst providing a deeply relaxing experience that lingers with you through your day.



Essential Oils, powerful cell therapies and restorative clay blends, all come together in a Melvory Facial to bring about balance. You are invited on a sensory journey, a ritual of relaxation, to “Take in the fresh and exhale the stale” promoting clarity and stimulation of your own natural beauty.


Pamper Packages

Mix and Match and pick a pampering package that you love. Choose from 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours of pure bliss. Incorporating all the most popular treatments and add-ons, including Massage and specialty Hair, Face and Body Treatments.



Sometimes a Massage or a Facial just needs a little bit more… and you deserve the very best, most luxurious additional services. Treat your hair, face and body with masques, scrubs and nourishing oils for pure pampering and a therapeutic result for many skin conditions.



Couples Massage

When you and your loved one are relaxed and pain free it improves your mood, helps you sleep more soundly and puts a smile on your face. Take some time out together. Your therapist will provide a customised massage treatment for you, followed by one for your partner.