Grevillea Eye Pillow Sleep Gift Pack


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Sleep Gift Pack – Grevillea Eye Pillow, Sleep Balm and Earplugs

Hand made in Australia
A perfect gift for loved ones who need some extra help with sleep!
The eye pillow and sleep balm are handmade in Melbourne from all natural and organic materials.

The eye pillow is really useful for tired eyes, for headaches and for helping you get to sleep at night. Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer.
Size: 18cm x 10cm x 4cm

The sleep balm is great for putting on your temples or pulse points and contains lavender, rosewood and vanilla essential oil to help you get to sleep.
Size: 15ml

In stock (can be backordered)


How To Use
Use at room temperature by lying down and placing the eye pillow seam down and then over your eyes. This is useful for sore eyes, headaches, migraines, and relaxation.

To cool your eye pillow, place in the freezer until it is cold (about 30min) and then place over your eyes while lying down. This is useful for sore eyes, headaches and migraines.

To warm your eye pillow place in the microwave and heat on high for 30-60secs. You can then use it anywhere on your body that would like some heat. Avoid placing anything too warm on your eyes, unless directed by your eye specialist to use gentle heat on your eyes for conditions like dry eye. A warm eye pillow can be lovely on sore sinuses too.


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