Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this massage professional?

    Yes, your massage therapist, Leah Rice-Levitt trained at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and is qualified as Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. Calming Concepts does NOT offer sexual services. All treatments are STRICTLY therapeutic only. Any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate will be treated as harassment and the police will be notified.

  • How can I find the clinic?

    Calming Concepts is located at 1/69 Pademelon Circuit. From Bounty Boulevard, take Wombat Parade. Follow the two chicanes through until you reach a left hand bend onto Pademelon Circuit, turn here and then immediately turn right onto Pademelon Circuit again. The clinic is number 69, on the right of the street, under the streetlight. Unit 1 is the left-hand side unit. Please park on the street, being mindful of neighbours driveways.

  • What should I wear to my massage appointment?

    Please wear comfortable, clean clothes. You will be required to keep your underwear on during your treatment or expected to wear disposable underwear, as provided. Please discuss this with your therapist before your treatment.

    It is preferred that you do not book your appointment straight from sport, gym or manual work as a shower facility is NOT available to clients and you may be turned away if you have arrived to your appointment in such a manner.

  • Do you have eftpos?

    Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard payments. Cash is also accepted.

  • Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?

    Yes! Calming Concepts offers Gift Certificates with 12 months expiry. These can be a dollar value of either $50, $100 or $200. There are two options for purchasing vouchers; E-voucher or Printed Certificate. See our Gift Certificates page for more details.

  • Do you offer Health Fund Rebates?

    Leah Rice-Levitt is not a Remedial Therapist and therefore cannot offer provider numbers for your health fund at this time.

  • Are you wheelchair accessible?

    Although our treatment room in the North Lakes clinic is located on the ground floor, special access will be required so please advise your therapist at the time of booking so that this can be arranged for you.

    Please note the option to have the therapist visit you in your home or workplace is also available, a small surcharge applies for mobile bookings.

  • Can I choose my own music?

    Absolutely. Calming Concepts offers Spotify playlists so you can choose the tunes for your treatment or leave it up to the therapist to make a selection.

  • How long is my massage treatment?

    Please arrive 5 minutes before your treatment start time, so that you can receive the entire length of your booking time. Please note that although some time is allocated between bookings, for the comfort of all clients and safety for the therapist, the entrance to the clinic will not be accessible more than 5 mins before your appointment time.

  • What if I running late?

    I do have a ‘life happens’ policy where I understand you are human; you may forget or have an emergency. However, when you book an appointment at a home-based business, please know that efforts have been taken to prepare for your arrival. Please be courteous and phone if you are running late or if something has come up.

    Running Late: If you don’t arrive on time, the therapist will phone you. If you are not reachable at that time or you do not arrive within 15mins of your booking start time, you will be regarded as a no-show. No-show clients are required to pay the full treatment amount.

    However, if you are running late by less than 15mins, I should be able to extend your booking start time to allow you the full treatment, please just phone and let me know.